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residue of stars [Q&A]

Vibha (Poornaprajna PU College) and Tilak (SDM College) ask, there is a lot of stuff in the Universe, especially Hydrogen, where did they all come from? How did they form? Hydrogen is easy (well, in a manner of speaking). It is just an electron paired with a proton. A lot of these were produced during […]

successful planets [Q&A]

Rakshit of Vidyodaya Public School asks, what are failed stars? I am not familiar with the term, but my guess is that it refers to objects that are just below the mass threshold necessary to compress the core sufficiently to set off nuclear fusion. It is the onset of nuclear fusion that marks an object […]

temperatures of stars [Q&A]

Sathwika of SDM PU College asks, how do we measure the temperature of stars? Different parts of a star are at different temperatures. The core reaches billions of degrees, and the corona, millions. But usually what people mean when they say temperature is the temperature at the surface, the photosphere, where the star becomes transparent […]