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But what is the Universe expanding into? [Q&A]

It is probably the most common question astronomers encounter: “Fine, you say that the Universe is expanding. OK, I buy that. But what is it expanding into?” There is really no good way to answer this because the correct answer, that it is not expanding into anything, that there is no outside to the Universe, […]

Analogies [cartoon]

The hardest part of explaining scientific discoveries to the lay public is in figuring out the proper analogical framework. Any explanation is an approximation, and tries to put the newly developed concepts in terms that are already familiar to people. More often than not, this is bound to fail. So we have evolved some explanations […]

the 4th dimension [Q&A]

Gautham of Poornaprajna College asks, what is the definition of time in 4-dimensional space? Typically, when people speak of the 4th dimension, they are talking of a spatial dimension. Any point in the 3-D space we are used to can be represented by 3 coordinates, say (x,y,z), with unit vectors all perpendicular to each other. […]