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Venusian day [Q&A]

Vibha of Poornaprajna PU College asks, why is the Venusian day longer than its year? Venus takes ≈225 days to revolve around the Sun, but takes ≈243 days to rotate around its axis. What is more, it rotates backwards, along an axis that is opposite to the orbital rotation axis, so compared to North as […]

Universal rotation [Q&A]

This question came from a group — why is it that everything we know of seems to rotate, is it because the Universe as a whole is rotating? Can we infer anything about the Universe’s rotation from the fact that everything seems to rotate? Not really. Suppose you begin with a Universe that is filled […]

planetary orbital rotation [Q&A]

Vigneshwar of Poornaprajna College asks, what is the reason that the Earth and other planets revolve anti-clockwise around the Sun? The interesting thing is not that they revolve anti-clockwise, but that they all go in the same direction. The sense of the rotation is a convention decided upon simply for the sake of definiteness. If […]