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Venusian day [Q&A]

Vibha of Poornaprajna PU College asks, why is the Venusian day longer than its year? Venus takes ≈225 days to revolve around the Sun, but takes ≈243 days to rotate around its axis. What is more, it rotates backwards, along an axis that is opposite to the orbital rotation axis, so compared to North as […]

planetary orbital rotation [Q&A]

Vigneshwar of Poornaprajna College asks, what is the reason that the Earth and other planets revolve anti-clockwise around the Sun? The interesting thing is not that they revolve anti-clockwise, but that they all go in the same direction. The sense of the rotation is a convention decided upon simply for the sake of definiteness. If […]

on the Moon’s orbit [Q&A]

I will write up here brief answers to many astronomy related questions that were asked by students.  The first one is by Vibha of Poornaprajna College, who asks why is it that the Moon is under the gravitational influence of only the Earth and why is it not affected by the Sun, and why doesn’t […]