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yasti yantra [Q&A]

Suhas of Poornaprajna PU College asks, what is the stick machine of Bhaskaracharya? I had no idea what it was until I looked it up online. There is a nice description in a report by S. Narvekar (Astronomical Instruments of Ancient India, IFToMM 2007) that describes a stick-like device that can be used to measure […]

Misconceptions about Science [talk]

While visiting home earlier this year, I was asked to speak at the Indian Public School Principals’ Conference at Manipal by Mr. Acharya of the Sharada Residential School. It was the first time I was facing a Headmaster since getting out of high school, and the prospect of facing some 50 of them at once […]

Higher Education [Q&A]

Atul from Canara College asks what is the typical career path that will lead to a Ph.D. in Astronomy from an American, Canadian, or British University? I am not familiar with how the British system works, but in the USA (and to a large extent in Canada), you need to demonstrate an aptitude for the […]