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Dark Energy [Q&A]

Karthik asks, what is Dark Energy? To put it succinctly: I don’t know. At this point, it is just a name given to something that we don’t really understand. We know from looking at the brightness of Type Ia supernovae (which have very predictable intensities, so their apparent brightness is a good tracker of distance) […]

residue of stars [Q&A]

Vibha (Poornaprajna PU College) and Tilak (SDM College) ask, there is a lot of stuff in the Universe, especially Hydrogen, where did they all come from? How did they form? Hydrogen is easy (well, in a manner of speaking). It is just an electron paired with a proton. A lot of these were produced during […]

the observable Universe [Q&A]

Supriya of Poornaprajna College asks, what does the Universe look like beyond the limits to our visible Universe? It is a good point to make that the Universe is actually bigger than what we can see. According to the standard cosmological model, in the early stages of the Big Bang, the Universe underwent a rapid […]

seeing the Big Bang [Q&A]

Rakshit of Vidyodaya Public School asks, if we see far back in time, 13.4 billion years, can we see the Big Bang, and if so, how? This is a difficult question to answer because the premise is faulty. First, it supposes the existence of a location in space that can be pinpointed as the site […]

Lambda-CDM [Q&A]

Ankith from Poornaprajna PU College asks, what is the Lambda-CDM model? It is the standard model developed to describe Big Bang cosmology. Lambda refers to Einstein’s cosmological constant that describes what is nowadays called Dark Energy, and CDM stands for Cold Dark Matter. The vast portion of the energy budget of the Universe is locked […]