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CREATE Gurukula is an ambitious project that aims to bring unprecedented levels of learning and opportunity to qualified students from around the world.

The success of this unique and noble project requires steadfast commitment from people like you, who care enough to get involved. Your energy and enthusiasm drives our action, and with your continued support our schools can achieve ever greater success. Please donate and get involved – together we will create a better tomorrow.

Your monetary support will go to construct buildings to house classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, a library, a computer facility, an auditorium, a kitchen and dining hall, as well as build a playground and athletic facility. Furthermore your contribution will aid in bringing the associated research wing of the school intended to carryout world class research thereby provide a model creative atmosphere for the students of all ages to participate in research projects, as part of their curricula. The entire construction and operation is strictly monitored by the directors and independent auditors, and are open to scrutiny by large donors. Rest assured that all your contributions will go to support the schools and research facilities; our administrative costs are negligible, since all our staff and directors are volunteers.

Your contributions are tax-deductible in the United States.

To pay by check, write to us at create @

CREATE Gurukula is based on altruistic principles. Make your contribution and get involved now. When CREATE is running full steam and educating our brightest children, knowing your contribution made all this possible is guaranteed to be fulfilling! Let us come together and create a proud tomorrow for us all to cherish.

Thank You