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Introducing Akshay

We are starting a new category of posts on Maths puzzles, being written by Akshay Gowrishankar, a 9th grader from Massachusetts, USA. He is a budding roboticist, enjoys math puzzles, and teaches a Middle School Math Olympiad class. His first post of the series is here.

So did it work?

On July 29, 2013, we arranged a series of video lectures at the FMKMC College of Madikeri. These were publicly available lectures on a variety of topics ranging from Quantum Field Theory to General Relativity to Electricity and Magnetism. In order to measure how useful the lectures were to the students, we conducted a survey […]


With a major Science Fair behind us, we at CREATE Gurukula are now setting our sights on our next goal. To start construction on the school buildings. In order to begin, however, we need to raise funds, and the amount needed is beyond the individual capacities of the CREATE members. We therefore ask you go […]

Commentary [meta]

I have noticed a rather large uptick in comments in the recent past, most of them saying they liked these posts. Thank you. Our goal here is to educate, and to spur curiosity. These posts are deliberately designed to not be the final word on any subject, but to give the non-experts and the learners […]

The Long Haul [meta]

Some people have noticed that there has been a dip in the frequency of new posts here. I just want to assure everyone that it is normal, and you can expect many such hiatuses. My philosophy towards writing these posts is that it should be done when I have something to say and the time […]