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A Day of Lectures in Physics


We held a day of lectures in Physics for MSc Physics students today (July 29, 2013) at the FMKMC College. The original plan was to hold the lectures at the CREATE site, but due to incessant rains in the Madikeri area, it was uncomfortable to begin with and the roof was deemed unsafe, so the venue was shifted to the College.

The idea was to show the students that they have recourse to more than just books. There are numerous videotaped lectures that are available from various sources, and our hope was to motivate the students by showing them some sample lectures and pointing them to the rest of the library of courses. We showed lectures on Quantum Computation (via edX), Quantum Field Theory (via NPTEL), General Relativity (via iTunesU), and a MIT-World OpenCourseWare popular lecture on the Wonders of Electricity and Magnetism. We also wanted to show Feynman’s Messenger Lecture on the Relationship between Mathematics and Physics, but unfortunately the combination of awful audio quality and Feynman’s Brooklyn accent rendered it unfeasible.

In order to evaluate the efficacy of the lecture program, we had the students write up answers to a small questionnaire both before and after the event. We will report a summary of the result here later.

Update: The summary is now up. The program was a success, but needs to be followed up if the success is to take root and cause long term improvements.

Audience for Day of Lectures in Physics at FMKMC College

MSc students at FMKMC College avidly watch a lecture on the mathematics underlying General Relativity.

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