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CREATE STEM2 Fair 2011


The CREATE Team successfully ran their first major operation, the CREATE STEM2 Fair, on Dec 31, 2011. Here is a preliminary report by a rather satisfied sounding Jagadeesh Moodera:

Happy New Year! … the Fair went very well – successful! … There were 17 schools participating and 200 students, including three that morning… In my view it was WAY WORTH ALL EFFORTS. It was lovely to see the whole action. We pulled it together!!!!

… Gen Thimmaiah School bagged quite a few awards. So also Lions in G’koppa. The kids had great time. They were all very enthusiastic and already look forward to the next one. The quiz masters were Dr.Narasimhan, Karthik, Akshay and Hari Prasad. Modeling was a hit as well.

We provided them lunch as well as coffee/tea both in the morning and evening.

As you can imagine the workload was really huge. Jagannath and his students rose up to the occasion splendidly.

Update 1/4: Some photos from Hari Prasad:

Update 1/21: Results here —, and more photos here —

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